NY, Are You Workplace Ready for COVID-19?


As the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) spreads across the globe, the likelihood of it impacting business as usual increases. Our intention is not to raise alarm or amplify fear. Our goal is to increase preparedness against potential business disruption. Technology plays a major part. Many businesses are considering precautionary measures as they lean into proactivity. We support this approach for the sake of guaranteed business continuity.

Consider your readiness for the following scenarios:

– Workplace illnesses
– Schools closing down
– Reduced delivery schedules
– Reduced or paused work travel
– Supporting clients out of state
– Worker requests to stay home
– Increased digital communication
– Rapid workforce augmentation
– Hardware shortages (E.g. laptops)
– Transition to teleworker setup


Before you consider hardware or software, it’s important that you have a secure and compliant foundation with strong governance built in. Setting up an employee with a laptop on their couch while they have Netflix on in the background sounds easy but there’s a lot to consider. Network speed and security are essential, and data handling compliance requires documented protocols, expectations and governance training for your staff. While technology is essential, you also need a strategy. A bespoke solution designed and deployed to meet your specific work environment needs.

Our Recommended Solutions

01 - Stability - Office 365 Backup

02 - Security - SugarShot Cybersecurity Suite

03 - Collaboration - Microsoft Teams

04 - Work - Office 365

05 - Conferencing - Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub

06 - Remote - Meraki Z3 Teleworker Security

07 - Hardware - Laptop / Hardware early Purchase

08 - Reporting - Remote Microsoft Power BI

HOW U S Software Limited HELPS

Our COVID-19 Process

STEP 1 - COVID-19 Risk Assessment
STEP 2 - Continuity Strategy
STEP 3 - Solution Recommendation
STEP 4 - Solution Deployment
STEP 5 - Ongoing Monitoring
STEP X - Emergency Readiness & Training


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